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We offer a wide variety of frozen yogurt flavors, including vegan and gluten-free options, to please every palate. We also offer toppings like fresh fruit, dark chocolate, and nuts to add a little something special to your dessert.

Our frozen yogurt is made fresh every day in small batches. We use the highest quality ingredients in our recipes, including real fruit and nuts.

Dairy Free and Gluten-Free Options Available

  • FroYo Specials $Varies

    TukTuk YumYum Sundae: Vanilla FroYo topped Whipped Cream, Chocolate Sauce, Peanuts, Banana Chips and a Cherry on top!

    Dole Whip: Classic Dole Whip served with your choice of 3 toppings.

    Mini Cone: FroYo in a Sugar Cone topped with Rainbow Sprinkles.

    Waffle Cone: FroYo in a Waffle Cone topped with 1 Topping of your choice.

    House Special
    Affogato al Cafe: Vanilla Bean Froyo drowned in a shot of espresso.

  • Baked Goodies $3

    Liege Waffles ($5.75)

  • Design Your Own FroYo $7.00

    • Vanilla Bean • Dole Whip •

    *Flavor availability may vary

  • Toppings: Choose 3

    Gummy Bears • M&M's • Oreo Cookie Crumbs • Reese's Pieces • Mochi • Kimmie's Choco Rocks • Almond Slices • Toasted Coconut • Granola • Chia Seeds • Stellar Pretzels • Yogurt Chips • Rainbow Sprinkles • Chocolate Sprinkles • Dornida's Caramel Sauce • Dornida's Chocolate Sauce • Honey • Strawberries • Blueberries • Seasonal Fruit

  • Drinking Chocolate $5.50

  • Water $2.00

    Proud Source Water

    Waterloo Flavored Spring Waters



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